Federal Republic of Nigeria

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Country Overview

Nigeria joined IsDB on 15 June 2005 with a capital subscription in the Bank at 0.3%, which later rose to 7.69%, placing the country as one of the nine major shareholders. With its vast population of 183.6 million (2016) and thriving economy, Nigeria is the largest in West Africa and the second largest in Sub-Saharan Africa. While oil has traditionally been its economic backbone, recent years have seen diversification towards agriculture, telecommunications, and services.


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Current Projects

The Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development actively supports this diversification through several crucial projects. In Kano State, the LLF-Kano State Agro Pastoral Development Project fosters sustainable agricultural practices, while the Jigawa State Integrated Rural Development Project empowers rural communities. Education, too, receives a boost through the Bilingual Education Project and the Out-of-School Children Program in Kaduna State. Additionally, the Support to Malaria Elimination Project tackles a critical public health challenge, safeguarding lives across Nigeria.

17,462,903 Total ISFD Contributions
LLF-Kano State Agro Pastoral Development Project