ISFD Director General Highlights Poverty Reduction Efforts at DIHAD Conference

DG participation in DIHAD

Dubai, UAE – 24 April 2024 - Dr. Hiba Ahmed, the ISFD Director General, participated as a keynote speaker at Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development (DIHAD) Conference & Exhibition held on 23 to 25 April 2024. Dr. Hiba addressed the session titled "Humanitarian Diplomacy and People on the Move," where she shed light on ISFD's role as the poverty alleviation arm of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB). She emphasized the unique structure of the ISFD, highlighting its Waqf (endowment) status that ensures long-term sustainability and support for economic empowerment and poverty alleviation initiatives across OIC member countries, particularly the least developed member countries. 

During the session, Dr. Hiba showcased a range of ISFD programs designed to support forcibly displaced persons. This included the Global Islamic Fund for Refugees, a collaborative fund with UNHCR that leverages Islamic finance tools for sustainable support for refugees. Additionally, she mentioned successful initiatives like STEP, Education for Syrian Refugees, AFAB, Tadamon, and others. 

During her interactive session, Dr. Hiba underscored the importance of collaboration in shaping policy and ensuring ongoing support for marginalized populations, including refugees within OIC countries. She stressed the need for a proactive approach, not solely reactive to crisis situations. She expressed optimism for the role of humanitarian diplomacy in driving positive change for OIC member countries and the forcibly displaced people they host. She also emphasized the potential of utilizing Islamic finance tools such as the Global Islamic Fund for Refugees to create sustainable solutions through collaborative partnerships.