Poverty Reduction as an Overarching Mission of the IDB

The IDB 1440H Vision, entitled ‘A Vision for Human Dignity,’ stresses key aspects of poverty reduction in five of the Bank’s eight main priorities, namely: alleviate poverty, promote health, universalize education, prosper the people, and empower women.

Two overarching themes define this focus:
     • The need to improve and enhance the income of the poor through creating jobs and employment opportunities and ensuring that they reach the target groups of poor and disadvantaged people; and
     • To promote the development of human capital by boosting education, training and health care services.

In light of this vision, poverty reduction has become the overarching objective and underlying theme of the
IDB’s interventions in member countries.
The Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD) is dedicated to reducing poverty in its member countries by promoting pro-poor growth, emphasizing human development, especially improvements in health care and education, and providing financial support to enhance the productive capacity and sustainable means of income for the poor,  including financing employment opportunities, providing market outlets especially for the rural poor and improving basic rural and pre-urban infrastructure.