Flagship Programmes

The following flagship programmes are ISFD’s main vehicles for poverty eradication: ​

   1.Sustainable Villages Programme (SVP)  

   2.Vocational Literacy Programme (VOLIP)

   3.Microfinance Support Programme (MFSP) 


Sustainable Villages Programme (SVP) SVP Site in Selamat, Chad
Sustainable Village Programme (SVP) is a US$ 121.20 million program that will be implemented over a three-year period in six countries. Under this programme, two projects were approved in 1432H for Chad and Sudan and two more projects were approved for the Kyrgyz Republic and Mozambique approved in 1433H. With these four projects the cumulative ISFD/IDB financing would be US$ 44.83 million out of a program target of US$ 67.2 million (representing 67% of the target). The final two operations under the SVP will be carried out in Guinea and Niger in 1434H (2013). 

Vocational Literacy Programme (VOLIP)VOLIP
In terms of the Vocational Literacy Program (VOLIP), which is a US$ 500.00 million program over a five year period (that will end in 2013), the ISFD and IDB are to contribute US$ 100.00 million over the program duration. As at the end of 1433H, the ISFD has approved financing for five VOLIP projects (two more since the last progress report) for a cumulative amount of US$ 32.61 million, and the IDB has financed US$ 20.4 million, out of a total cost of US$ 71.30 million. The IDB/ISFD financing constitutes around 66% of the target US$ 80.0 million up to  1433H (November 2012).
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Microfinance Support Programme (MFSP)
The Microfinance Support Program (MFSP) is also a US$ 500.00 million program over a five year period (that will end in 2012), out of which the ISFD and IDB are expected to contribute US$ 100.00 million. The total financing of IDB/ISFD under this program is so far US$ 74.52 million, which is higher than the US$ 80.0 million target up to 1434H (November 2012).